Speed Kills! Moving Too Fast Can Cost You Big $$$

By SDA San Diego (other events)

Thursday, July 19 2018 11:30 AM 1:00 PM
  • Are deadlines getting tougher to meet? 
  • Customer needed those documents…yesterday? 
  • Current project already weeks behind? 
  • Meetings on the calendar, but you have 100+ emails to get to?  

These challenges haven’t changed over time.  100 years ago, businesses suffered from the same stresses and strains.  The difference in 2018, is that the dependence on technology to power your success has never been greater.  With that dependence comes an increased risk to keep critical customer and company data secure, yet accessible when needed. 

Chri Butcher with CSCI will provide an overview of the risks--both known and unknown--that are out there, and some simple steps every company can take today, to reduce this risk.  Patch updates, firewalls, virus protection, information handling policies...among other security topics…will be discussed. This will NOT be a technical talk!


11:30 AM to 12:00 PM (Networking Lunch)     

12:000 PM to 1:00 PM Program


450 B Street #1800

San Diego, CA 92101


Chris Butcher has close to 20 years of technology consulting experience, with focus on VoIP phone systems, network security, HIPAA and NIST compliance, back up and data storage, internet access and circuit redundancy, and technology cost reduction and auditing.  With a prior high school teaching career as part of his resume, his approach to technology is to teach and guide through collaborative and cooperative information sharing.